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Minimum total course credits for graduation: 128, including 32 general education mandatory course credits, 21 college core course credits, 39 IB core  course credits, and 36 elective course credits.

General Education: 
Elementary Mandarin Conversation (non-Taiwanese) / Freshman English - Honor Course (1) (Taiwanese), Taiwan and the World, Appreciation of Western Classical Music, Labor and Service Education (1)-(2), College Career, Taiwan Culture and Mandarin Conversation (non-Taiwanese) / Freshman English - Honor Course (2) (Taiwanese), EQ Development and Gender Relations, Physical Education (1)-(3), Contemporary Western Philosophy, Energy and Environment, History and Culture, Scientific Reasoning and methods

COB and IB core course:
Accounting (1)&(2), Economics (1)&(2), Computers (1)&(2) , Introduction to Business, Management, Statistics (1)&(2) , International Trade Practice, Business Calculus, Financial Management, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Production Management, International Business Management, Foreign Exchange, Strategic Management

Managerial economics, Introduction to Civil Law, Money and Banking, Managerial Accounting, Investment, E-commerce, Marketing Research, Group Communication, Logistics Management, Global Industrial Analysis, Services Management, Organizational Behavior, Supply chain management, Issues on Globalization, Corporate governance, Enterprise resource planning…