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o help students become professional managers with excellent English language skills and a global perspective of international business.

Members: Local students and international students

Course Design:
- The Center of General Education offers complete training of general education to complete a whole-person education for students and sharpen their self- learning ability.
- Professional Courses brings together outstanding faculty and teachers of Business College of STUST to offer multi-faceted knowledge of business operations.

Expected achievements :
- The all-English teaching and training will bring students excellent English skills and enhance their employability and competitiveness.
- Interaction with international students will help all students develop a global perspective and international contacts.
- A solid training in business knowledge will turn students into business professionals to meet the requirement of international enterprises.

Resources for Learning:
- Diversified overseas programs that provide students with opportunities to study abroad through an exchange.
- Substantial scholarships to reduce the financial burden on students.
- Sufficient software and hardware facilities at the self-learning language center to help students improve language skills after school.