Introduction to IB program

With the 21st century trend of internationalization, only specialists and professionals with international thinking, language skills, communication skills will meet the demands of the future global market for key talent . STUST has been making strenuous efforts in fostering international talent. "Holding a global perspective while standing firm in Taiwan” is our philosophy for the international development.

Southern Taiwan has signed sister school agreements with over 100 colleges and universities all over the world. It has also established cooperation agreements with a number of famous universities on junior elite exchanges and dual degree programs, thereby providing students with a wide range of options for academic studies abroad. STUST has been also actively recruiting outstanding teachers from universities abroad as guest professors, promoting exchanges of teachers with sister schools for short-term research, and organizing international seminars for teaching and researching. All these are working not only to invigorate teaching and researching and learning with great resources and knowledge, but also to enhance the our capacity of international competitiveness and expand our global perspective.

 In addition to sending our students abroad and expand their horizons, another goal of international exchanges is to actively recruit international students into the school and thereby to create an environment for international learning. We allow international students who know Chinese to enter our general school system; for those who do not know Chinese, we have established a number of all-English graduate programs for them as channels to advanced study and training.

With the support of the Paradigm University Plan, STUST is prepared to establish the International College in 2014. As the first all- English undergraduate Program, two new classes are to be established at the Department of International Business and the Department of Finance, in addition to the all English doctoral programs (Electronic Engineering, Mechanics, and Business and Management ) and the all-English Master Program (Electronic Engineering, Mechanics , and GMBA ).Making the first move of all-English teaching in undergraduate programs, STUST will take the lead of all the Science and Technology universities, becoming the pioneer as well as the first cradle for aspiring young students to become technical and business professionals with excellent language skills.